Hello, Thank you for visiting our shop! My name is Corey, the founder of this home studio TRIM. I’ve been running this home studio for almost 10 years now. It is a happy, exciting journey with lots of challenges, but also a terrifying path if I walked alone.

Back in 2009, TRIM was a solo project. The reason I started this project is because I needed to get away from depression. At that time I didn’t expect this project would become a leather shop, it is all because of an “impact”.

My father Ken was sent to hospital because of a serious health issue. He used to work as butcher, 15 hours a day and only 1 holiday a year- new year’s eve. The huge amount of work made his body weak. He earned just enough to support our family and helped me to complete my diploma in design. When I was graduated in 2008, I immediately sought for a job so my father could rest more and worry less, but things went wrong. I made mistakes in my first job. My boss was very nice, but I understood that I had to leave. I learnt a lot from my mistakes and started to improve.

After my father recovered, he went to his butcher work again. I didn’t want him to do the same thing because it simply was a vicious circle. At that moment I decided to start a studio in November 2010, and TRIM became leather shop. I wanted to something for him and my family because I believed there must be a way to break this vicious circles.

The reason I chose leather as the major material is- it is easier to craft. But then I found it is very hard to master, like cuttings, coloring, especially tooling. Most importantly, no matter what I made, I can customise it! I remember the first thing I made was a book cover. Although I spent my whole day to read and follow the guide book carefully, it didn’t look pretty! On the next day, I spent 9 hours to make a coin case. It looked better! I gave it to my brother Benjamin as a Christmas gift and he is still using it after all these years.

In 2011 and 2012, I made different leather items and posted them on social networks. My works attracted my friends to look! With their encouragement, I kept improving. After so many trials and errors, I made my first iPhone case with a special leather frame. It was very popular among the networks, including Business Insiders! I was very grateful that many people would like to order the iPhone cases I made, but I couldn’t complete the orders alone. My father noticed, he left his butcher job and joined me. It was the happiest moment in my life, he finally left that unhappy work place. We were at home and made all the leather stuff together.

Although we faced different crisis during this journey- sponsors tried to take over and we almost ran out of money, but my brother Benjamin insist to join and help. My wife Sharon also joined us in 2014, we kept going as far as we could. With the support from all the friends around the world and years of hard work and, we finally back on track. We are still here to share our ideas and keep this studio running.

My father retired in 2016 and he is currently enjoying his life as a farmer and a gardener. It is nice to see the old man can finally do something he loves most. Later my son Sam was born, I can’t wait to make him leather toys and play with him when he grows bigger!

We built this home studio as a family business and will keep making different items with skills and love. Not only the phone cases and watch bands, but also different gift ideas, art pieces and decorations which you can’t find in other places.

Thank you for reading our story! It is our honour. Thank you!

TRIM leather studio from Hong Kong

Here are some quotes which we really like, they helped us a lot during the hard times-
“Never give up, and stay positive.”
“Be brave when scared; be endure when tired.”
“There is always another way.”
“There is no point to be afraid of the inevitable.”
“Faith without work is dead.”

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