Hello, my name is Corey, owner of this home studio TRIM.

My brother Benji and I have been running this home studio for 11 years now. It is a happy journey, but also very challenging path to walk. In 2009, TRIM was a small project. I started this project because I was trying to overcome my depression. At that time I didn’t expect this project would become a leather shop to sustain my family, it was because of an “impact”.

One day, my father was sent to hospital because of a serious health issue. He was a butcher worked in a food processing factory. Under an unfair working environment, 15 hours a day of work with almost no off days, such heavy workload deteriorated his health. He just earned enough to sustain our expense and helped me to complete my diploma. After I graduated, I sought for a job immediately so my father could worry less about the income. Unfortunately I was inexperienced, I made so many mistakes in my first job. Although my boss was nice to me, I understood I had to leave. I needed to improve. My father recovered few months later and continued his work in the factory. I didn’t want him to stay in the vicious circle, so I decided to start a shop, based on what I was doing- the project TRIM.

The reason I chose leather is- I love the material! Also I can help to look after my family while crafting things at home, but then I found it is very hard to master. Cuttings, coloring, especially tooling. The first item I made was a book case. Although I spent lots of time to read a guide book, it didn’t look pretty! On the next day, I spent 9 hours to make a coin case, it looked slightly better. I gave it to my brother Benji as a gift, glad he didn’t mind. He is still using it today.

In 2011, I made lots of leather items- from pen cases to brief cases, belts, bottle holders, wallets… etc. I was wondering if I could make something more special, then I started to design a leather case for my iPhone 4. I made prototypes, countless trials and errors, my target was to make a case without blocking the front of the phone.

The design was complete in 2012 and became very popular among the networks. I was so grateful to be featured on platforms like Etsy, Business Insiders, HK Magazine and other places. With so many orders from our friends and guests around the world, I couldn’t complete the orders alone. My father noticed, he left his job and joined me. That was one of my happiest moment in my life, he finally left that bloody place. Later, my brother Benji also joined to help, now he is the core engine of TRIM, making most of the items in our shop.

My father retired in 2016 and he is currently enjoying his life as a farmer, a gardener and a grandfather. It is nice to see him finally doing something he loves most.

We built this shop as a family business and will keep making different things with skills and love. Not only phone cases and watch bands, but also different gift ideas, art pieces, decorations which you cannot find in other places.

Life is indeed full of ups and downs. Even today, we are facing challenges at a whole new level. No matter if it is the pandemic, the inflation of cost, high food and oil prices, even a war that is affecting us, but we will always stay positive and never give up. Just look up to the cross, and you will find peace and His guidance.

Thank you for reading our story! It is our honour.


TRIM leather from Hong Kong

The followings are some quotes which helped us going through hard times- 

“Never give up, and stay positive.”
“Be brave when scared; be endure when tired.”
“Keep it simple, make it smooth”
“Faith without works is dead.” James 2:26


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Hong Kong

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