Apple Watch Band - Classic - Honey by TRIM leather

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Every pair of leather watch band is uniquely handmade and dyed in our workshop!

This single-tour watch band is made out of top quality, full grain, vegetable-tanned cowhide leather. The leather hides are imported from Italy. The reason of selecting this type of leather is because it is sturdy and soft enough. It makes the watch band not only a strap to hold the watch, but also a durable, a decorative bracelet on your wrist.

The leather surface is treated with an antique method. This treatment allows the band to have better water resistance and increases the durability. Unlike other watch bands, even it absorbed a lot of sweat and wore for a long time, it won't stink. With the two adapters, which is made out of high quality steel, the band can be installed onto your Apple Watch easily.

Every pair of watch band will be newly made in our workshop, so it usually take about 1-3 days to complete. Please note that the Apple Watch in the photos is not included! Your patience and understanding would be greatly appreciated.

Colors & Customisations

We use different methods to dye the leather! There are many different styles and colors for you to choose. Please visit our shop front for all the designs!

To make it more personalized, you can even join the process by adding initials and different stamps! Please contact us for more details. 

Length & Sizes

For Sizings and Guide, please click "Size Guide".

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To know your wrist size, simply measure your wrist with a flexible tape or a strip of paper. If you are using a strip of paper, mark your size with a pen then use a ruler to measure the length, that would be your wrist size.

For 38mm Watch (XS): 120 - 150mm (4.6"-5.9")
For 38mm Watch (S): 125 - 165mm (4.9"-6.5")
For 38mm Watch (M): 140 - 185mm (5.5"-7.3")
For 38mm Watch (L): 150 - 195mm (5.9"-7.7")
For 38mm Watch (XL): 160 - 205mm (6.3"-8")
For 38mm Watch (2XL): 170 - 220mm (6.7"-8.6")
For 38mm Watch (3XL): 180 - 235mm (7.1"-9.3")

For 42mm Watch (XS): 125 - 155mm (4.9"-6.1")
For 42mm Watch (S): 130 - 170mm (5.1"-6.7")
For 42mm Watch (M): 145 - 190mm (5.7"-7.5")
For 42mm Watch (L): 155 - 200mm (6.1"-7.9")
For 42mm Watch (XL): 165 - 210mm (6.5"-8.3")
For 42mm Watch (2XL): 175 - 225mm (6.9"-8.8")
For 42mm Watch (3XL): 185 - 240mm (7.3"-9.4")
For example, if your wrist size is 160mm, there are 4 sizes within the range. The watch band would fit better if you choose the one has the maximum size that closest to your wrist size, therefore S size would be best for a 160mm wrist. We can also customise the size, please feel free to contact us for more details. 
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